Tecno-Spuma is dedicated to the design, development and transformation of technical foams, felts, elastomers and self-adhesive, mainly for industry: HVACR, electrical appliances, railway, automotive or Construction.

Presentation video of Tecno Spuma company

The main plant is located in Maçanet de la Selva (Girona). Tecno-Spuma is part of an international group, with factories in different countries around the world, which gives us a strong potential in sales and an endless list of approvals of our customers.

Since its creation in 1982 with a purely domestic market, an evolution has allowed us to be present in more than 25 countries from four different continents, guarantee of quality and service to technology

Tecno-Spuma has elements of measurement, control and development of next-generation, mainly for industrial acoustic, both in isolation and absorption, thermal insulation, sealing gaskets, packing or filtration.

The core business of Tecno-Spuma is viable because its basic products are: polyester fibers, polyethylene foams, cellular rubber (nitrile, EPDM, CR, Soft), polyurethane foams, PPI’s filter foams, melamine resin foam Basotect ®, textile fibers of woven non-woven, aluminum coatings, PU films, self-adhesives (water based acrylic, Hot melts…), elastomer sheets (Bitumen and EPDM)… all this and much more allows us to give you the best solution.