The common goal for many applications is the prevention and improvement of the acoustic in all kind of habitats such as in trains, buses, cars and rooms as well as to counteract against noise coming from the operation of electrical components, combustion engines or movement among other loud sources.

TECNO SPUMA is also involved in the prevention of condensation by improving the thermal insulation of affected surfaces.

Furthermore, filtration, packaging and gaskets complete the range of standard products and core business of TECNO SPUMA. Nevertheless, due to the multifunctionality of many applications in different sectors and due to TECNO SPUMA’s capabilities to develop and personalize different products new applications arise every day.

TECNO SPUMA can design, develop, test, prescribe and produce generic or customized solutions for all the above mentioned applications. Being the sound insulation expertise our best strength thanks to our own modern laboratory and thanks to our key department of engineering.