The high level of requirements in each sectors allows TECNO SPUMA to continuously increase its range of standard products. The initial range of TECHNICAL FOAM solutions was complemented over the years using FELTS, ELASTOMERES and TEXTILE COATINGS. The standard adhesives have evolved into a high quality range of personalized adhesives.

The main materials sold by TECNO SPUMA are melamine foam (BASOTECT®), polyester fibers (TECNOSIL), polyethylene foams (TECNOLEN), synthetic rubbers (TECNOFLEX), the non-woven from textile fibers ( TECNOFIB, TECNOSCOT), PVC foam (TECNOCEL), EPDM heavy layer (LCP-EP), tissue coverings (SPUNTEX, SPUNLACE) and many others (FILM PU, PE, aluminized polyester, aluminum, etc).