TECNO SPUMA‘s core business since its creation is AIR CONDITIONING (HVACR), BUSES and COACHES, but the sectors that have grown the most in the last decade have been RAILWAY, together with AUTOMOBILE and HOME APPLIANCES. The CONSTRUCTION and NAUTICAL as a generalist and INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY, are complemented by the new RENEWABLE ENERGY technologies.

The development of the business in the railway market is mainly due to “High Speed Trains”, which require specific acoustic and thermal insulations. Furthermore, new fire regulations have originated many changes in the materials of the trains causing the need of TECNO SPUMA to adapt to new and latest standards. For this reason, TECNO SPUMA invested heavily in carrying out tests and specific developments to meet the exponential growth in this sector. At the present time there is a complete agreement between the growing needs of the railway industry and the range of technical products offered by TECNO SPUMA.

TECNO SPUMA’s constant desire to fit in this sector has enabled us to boost our standard range with special joints, materials to avoid thermal bridges and hydrophobic products. All these materials, with opened or closed cells, are the basis for the introduction of new products such as: TECNOLEN GA 35 FRF+ALU, TECNOSIL HO, TECNOPACK W, TECNOFLEX-TTF, BASOTECT® UF+ and LCP-EP.

TECNO SPUMA has thermoforming processes, high-strength textile coatings, encapsulated or complexes materials, which are part of the evolution towards more technological and innovative products. The constant desire of the automotive sector to perform and innovate meets the constantly growing technical capabilities of TECNO SPUMA.