Almost a year post-covid

Tecno Spuma
Almost a year post-covid

Soon a year ago, the presence of the virus appeared and exponentially. It went from being something curious or intriguing, to one of our main concerns and after all that time, it is still with us.

Companies like people cannot remain impassive in the face of this reality.

Tecno-Spuma is no stranger to this reality, but thinking about people we have been able to think about the company and not the other way around. Our motto must be to live in health to work safely.

And how do you do that? it is easy, talking with people, thinking about the needs they have and looking for how to converge with those of the company, without absolutisms or extremes… … make all our approaches more flexible, including logically the recurring work at a distance, but with moderation, because we consider great the definition of the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman “Being always connected does not relieve our loneliness”.

We must together build a new model, because there will indeed be an after, but let us do it from the people and with the people. Technologies must help us connect, but not all through them.

In times of voracity and aggressiveness, perhaps it is necessary to humanize the approach of companies, at Tecno-Spuma we do not doubt that this will make us part of that future, because it will surely be important to do so.

Good luck and health.