Tecno Spuma

At the moment when we started to see the end of the state of emergency in Spain, it seemed appropriate to publish some related news. We think a lot has been written and there is still a lot to write about this unwanted episode, but what it’s clear is that when we don’t feel good, health becomes the priority and almost the only goal.

Of course, it’s not over and uncertainty may persist for a long time, but we feel strong as a company because in this scenario, the decisions have been and will continue to be firm. The safety and quality of our work environment will be the daily objective, so that people feel supported and that our company contributes to solidity.

Several weeks passed and, focusing in our main objective, we have been able to maintain our facilities almost at full capacity. Our satisfaction is twofold, because taking care of people, we were able to assist our customers with essential activities in the medical sector and specific to fight against covid-19.

Together we will succeed!