The family of thermal super-insulators

Tecno Spuma
The family of thermal super-insulators

Surely you have heard of products developed with nanotechnology, aerogels or similar names. In Tecno-spuma we wanted to go further in the use of thermal super-insulators, because we are not talking about only theoretical Lambda coefficients (spectacular values of 0.015), since most of them in final application do not comply with the expectations.

Have you had problems handling them? … Doubtful health, difficulty of cutting or very tedious manipulation are some of the feedback we have had from the market in its indiscriminate use.

If you have considered the need to use a super-insulator, contact us and we will advise you on a complete range of thermal insulators, from 0.015 to 0.040, but suitable for efficient use and specifically developed for the railway sector, coach and bus bodies.

Tecno-Spuma creating insulations.